December 2nd and 3rd!



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PTO Calendar

PTO Membership Raffle Winners.  Thank you to all who 
donated to PTO Membership!
1. Reserved parking spot for concerts in the south parking lot
*One family wins for Winter and another family wins for Spring  
Winter winner: Tenney Spring winner: Erlich

2. Reserved parking spot for town meetings in the south parking lot : Winner: Matarazzo

3.  Reserved front row seats for Webb concerts
* One family wins 2 seats for the Winter concert and    one family wins 2 seats for the Spring concert Winter winner: Silver Spring Winner: Hucks

4.  2 reserved seats at Webb Town Meetings
* 3 families will win! Winners: Weingartner, Bonvisuto, Mellilo

5.  2 reserved seats for hip hop final celebration Winner: Levantovich

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